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NOTE: As both recommendations and applications are due by 2 October before 11:59 PM EDT, applicants should notify their recommenders well in advance of the deadline that they intend to apply to the Columbia Society of Fellows. The first official notice your recommenders will receive that you have requested a recommendation will be generated by the online system only after you have submitted your application. As a courtesy to your recommenders, you should submit your application as soon as possible.

Applicants: We recently updated our security settings on the application page. If your browser has trouble loading the final payment page after clicking "submit," please clear your browser cookies and try again. If the issue persists please email us at sof-fellows@columbia.edu.

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Under U.S. Public Law 98-380 as amended by 93-568 (known as the Buckley Amendment), you have the right to inspect files that various schools may keep concerning your admission and progress in residence. Should you be awarded a fellowship, your files here will be opened to your inspection upon your written request. Some instructors or employers, however, may prefer to preserve the confidentiality of any evaluative statements they may make. In order to elicit the most candid evaluations possible, we offer you the opportunity of agreeing to the waiver below. Your decision to retain the right to inspect letters of recommendation will not prejudice your chances for a fellowship.
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